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Sauna Heaters and Stoves offers a wide range of wood-burning sauna heaters for home sauna. Heaters are made in Estonia by STOVEMAN company. All sauna heaters are made of high quality steel by professional sauna makers.

Sauna heater selection guide:
The number in sauna heater's model name means the maximum sauna room volume that this heater can heat up. For example Stoveman 20 is suitable for sauna rooms up to 20 m3.
LS means that this heater is constructed to be loaded outside the sauna room (through the wall loading). This type of heaters has longer loading shaft.
All Stoveman heaters can be ordered with several options: metal or glass door and regular or round net shape. Stoveman heaters DO NOT include chimneys and stones by default, but they can be ordered separately.