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Stoveman 13 Sauna Heater

Stoveman 13 Sauna Heater


STOVEMAN 13 woodburning sauna heater
For sauna rooms with capacity of 5-13 m3. CE certified

Stoveman 13 sauna heater is recommended for both dry and humid sauna experience in home saunas. Stoveman sauna heater guarantees an enjoyable, mild and durable sauna experience thanks to the large amount of heater stones that block the radiation from the metal surfaces.

Stoveman 13 sauna heater has an improved ventilation system with 6 extra air flow channels on the external walls of the heating unit. The ventilation tubes receive the air from the bottom of the heater, it raises upwards as it gets heated and exits between the top stones. Sauna stones and chimney is not included!

- Metal door instead of glass door
- Regular or round case for stones (see pictures)

General information:
- Suitable for sauna rooms with capacity: 6-13 m3
- Amount of heater stones: 110 kg
- Smoke outlet 115 mm
- Equipped with soot flap
- Certified according to CE standard EN 15821:2010

- All parts of the heater in contact with flames are made of 5mm sheet steel
- The bottom of the sauna heater is made of 3mm sheet steel
- Ash box is made of 2 mm sheet steel
- The hand crafted ash grate is made of 10×20 mm square steel

Detailed specifications:


Stoveman 13


13 (Basic)

Sauna room capacity

6 to 13 m3

Power output

15,4 kW


Wood sticks up to 30 cm long

Minimum flue draught

12 Pa

Total eficiency


Flue gas temperature


Weight without stones

53 kg

Max stones load

110 kg

To connect the Stoveman sauna heater with the chimney it is recommended to use pipes with CE marking withstanding a gas burning temperature of at least 600 degrees.

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