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Dear friends, has changed its web-site design and appearance.We have updated our products and added new ones to offer you a complete range of sauna accessories.   Best wishes, Team

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Using sauna whisks - everything you need to know about it

A new article from the team will share the basic knowledge of sauna whisks. You can find the information about types and properties of sauna whisks made of different tree types. Finally, the preparation of sauna whisks for using them in sauna is covered in the article.  Sauna whisk, called vihta in Finland and venik in Russia, is a special accessory. To many sauna bathers it is a compulsory item. A whisk is a bunch of young tree twigs which are used to give a special massage in sauna. Using sauna whisk during massage promotes better blood circulation, cleans the...

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Comfortable sauna pillows with linen pillowcase

pillow sauna

We are now selling great sauna pillows to help your head rest in the sauna.Pillows come in three colors: blue, green and red. Outer layer is washable 100% linen and pillow is filled with durable polyester.

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An article about sauna honey

health honey Sauna skin

Dear customers! We have recently published an article about sauna honey. You have probably seen or used sauna honey. But are you familiar with why is sauna honey so good for your skin and health? How to use sauna honey properly? To get answers for these questions check out our article. And don't forget that ExpertSauna manufactures high quality sauna honey made of natural ingredients only.

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Luxurious sauna whisks added to the stock

New whisks are available for sale at the ExpertSauna shop. These are luxurious whisks packed into individual line bags, which makes them a good present. Three types of these whisks are for sale - birch, eucalyptus and red oak. These whisks are handmade by ExpertSauna. 

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