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Sauna accessories - everything you need to know

Below you will find basic information about how to use your sauna accessories.

We also have articles dedicated to beneficial properties of sauna honey and using sauna whisks. For information about shipping and returns refer to Support page.

Buckets and Pails

Sauna buckets and pails are important sauna accessories. The main purpose of them is to hold water that would be used to create vapor during bathing. The vapor is essential during the bathing and helps to clean skin pores. Without the use of water, the sauna bather cannot enjoy a true sauna experience. Sauna buckets and pails are traditionally made of wood – pine, spruce or cedar. Since heat can cause wood damage over the time, we sell buckets and pails with a plastic liner, which eliminates leakages.

Ladles and Dippers

Ladles and dippers are essential to enjoyable and safe sauna bathing. A dipper of water splashed over the the sauna rocks that creates vapor and unique sauna atmosphere. Remember to always use a sauna ladle to throw water on the rocks in a sauna heater. By using a ladle, you will keep your hand away from the steam, preventing a possible burn. Also using a ladle allows you to control the amount of water you put on the sauna rocks and therefore adjust the humidity level in the sauna. Ladles and dippers sold by us are made entirely of wood by hand. Only the best quality pine and beech wood is used to make ladles and dippers.

Sauna Hats

A sauna hat is one very important item in you accessories list. High temperature in the sauna can damage your hair so it must be protected. Sauna hat is made of wool and help regulate the temperature of the hair and scalp. It is also a stylish element, since hats come in variety of forms and types.

Thermometers, Hygrometers and Timers

A thermometer is an important accessory which helps to track the temperature in sauna. It is important to know the correct temperature to see when sauna is ready for bathing or going too hot. The thermometer should be placed above or near the sauna heater. Hygrometers are used to measure the level of humidity in sauna during bathing. It will indicate if the air is too dry or humid and let you adjust the humidity. Sauna timers allow bathers to keep track of time they have spent in sauna. Since taking your wristwatch to sauna is dangerous, sauna timer can be a useful accessory.

Aromas and Fragrances

Aromas and fragrances can enrich your sauna experience and allow combining aroma therapy with bathing. Add fragrance to the water you will throw on rocks and enjoy the aroma with hot steam. Aromas come in two types – concentrated liquid aroma which can be added directly to the water in your sauna bucket and dry aroma. Dry aroma must be prepared before the bathing, but it allows you to make fragrance directly from natural sources.

Headrests and Pillows

Headrests and pillows are important items in the sauna. They will allow placing the head on comfortable rest and relaxing. Headrest is harder and higher and pillow (cushion) is softer and smaller. Pillows come with washable outer layer and filled with two types of material – natural carex grass or synthetic material.

Peg racks (hangers)

Peg racks are usually used to hang bather’s towels or clothes safely. They are usually place near the sauna room. Bigger peg racks are useful when sharing bathing experience with family and friends. Made of wood they naturally suit the sauna room and other accessories.

Sauna whisks

Sauna whisk, called vihta in Finland and venik in Russia, is a special accessory. To many sauna bathers it is a compulsory item. A whisk is a bunch of young tree twigs which are used to give a special massage in sauna. Massage with sauna whisk promotes better blood circulation, cleans the skin and enriches it with health. During the course of massage, the bather lashes or slaps the other bather with whisk after dipping it in warm water. Whisks release pleasant aroma in the air adding a bit of aroma therapy. Whisks are made of different tree species. The most popular of them are birch, oak and eucalyptus. We sell different types of whisks including mixed ones. For more information about preparing and using sauna whisks go here.

Sauna honey

Sauna honey helps to open the skin pores and increase sweating which leads to better cleaning of the skin and organism. Honey improves healing of micro wounds on the skin, suppresses inflammation and helps to relieve sore muscles. Sauna honey is applied either in the sauna or afterwards. We have 5 types of sauna honey available, with fir tree, mint and salt, eucalyptus, tea tree, coffee and lavender. Honey with coffee or salt acts also as a scrub.