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Everything you need to know about sauna whisks

About sauna whisks

Sauna whisk, called vihta in Finland and venik inRussia, is a special accessory. To many sauna bathers it is a compulsory item. A whisk is a
bunch of young tree twigs which are used to give a special massage in sauna. Using sauna whisk during massage promotes better blood circulation, cleans the skin and enriches it with health. During the course of massage, the bather lashes or slaps the other bather with whisk after dipping it in warm water. Whisks release pleasant aroma in the air adding a bit of aroma therapy. Whisks are made of different tree species. The most popular of them are birch, oak and eucalyptus. We sell different types of whisks including the mixed ones.

Types of sauna whisks

Birch sauna whisk helps to relieve pain in muscles and joints after physical exercises, cleans the skin
prone to rash, promotes healing of wounds and scratches, has soothing and calming effect and improves mood. The main benefit of birch whisk is that it widens the bronchus, which promotes ventilation of lungs and discharge of sputum. It is especially beneficial for smokers and those suffering from asthma. Birch leaves contain ethereal oils, tanning agents, vitamin C and A. After bathing, the skin will look smooth and elastic. Birch whisk infusion is good for scalp and hair.

Oak sauna whisk is particularly suitable for people with oily skin. Oak whisk will make it elastic and smooth. Oak leaves have powerful anti-inflammatory effect and help reduce blood pressure. Oak essence calms nervous system after intense mental and physical activity.

Linden (lime-tree) sauna whisk helps to relieve headache and has mild diuretic effect. Linden leaves fasten sweating and have calming, wound healing and anti-fever action.

Eucalyptus sauna whisk has powerful healing effect. Eucalyptus leaves contain up to 3% of essence oils
 which makes it extremely efficient. Eucalyptus whisk is recommended in case of rhinitis and sore throat. As eucalyptus whisk has very thing and flexible twigs it may be too harsh for gentle skin. In this case we recommend using mixed birch and eucalyptus whisks which combine healing properties of those trees.

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How to prepare a sauna whisk for using it

Dried sauna whisks have to be prepared for using in sauna. Preparing a sauna whisk means soaking it in water, so the leaves would become soft. There are numerous ways to do it, but here we will explain the most popular ones.

Long method:
1. Prepare a tank of cold water big enough to accommodate a sauna whisk. Put your whisk in the water for 30 minutes. Check that all leaves are under the water.

2. Put the whisk out and put it back so that the handle is in the water, but the leafy part is up (same as you would put a flower bouquet in a vase). Let is stand that way for another 30 minutes.

3. In the sauna prepare a pail or bucket of warm water. Put whisk into it and you are ready to go!

Classical method:
If you have only 20 minutes before taking a sauna, use the method describe above, but with the hot water and 10 + 10 minutes for soaking and standing in the water.