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Birch and Sweet Clover Sauna Whisk

Birch and Sweet Clover Sauna Whisk


Birch and Sweet Clover sauna whisk combines properties of birch whisk while adding properties of sweet clover.

Birch sauna whisk relieves pain in muscles and joints after physical exercises and sport activities. It cleans the skin prone to rash, promotes healing of wounds and scratches, has soothing and calming effect and improves mood. The main benefit of birch whisk is that it widens the bronchus, which promotes ventilation of lungs and discharge of sputum. It is especially beneficial for smokers. Birch leaves contain important ethereal oils, tanning agents, vitamins C and A. After bathing, the skin will look smooth and elastic. Birch whisk infusion is good for scalp, skin and hair.

Sweet clover is commonly named for its sweet smell, which is due to its high content of the perfume agents.

See instructions on how to prepare a sauna whisk before using it in the sauna.


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