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Sauna Honey with Eucalyptus Extract 200 gr (7 oz)

Sauna Honey with Eucalyptus Extract 200 gr (7 oz)


Sauna honey helps to open the skin pores and increases sweat secretion, which is accompanied by cleansing of the body and renewal of the skin. The procedures involving honey alleviate inflammatory processes of the skin and accelerate the healing of wounds and abrasions. Sauna honey also alleviates back and joint pains.

This sauna honey is made of superior quality Estonian honey. With the honey you will receive a wooden spoon to mix it and put in on your skin.

Read here about beneficial features of sauna honey and how to use it.

Ingredients: natural honey, eucalyptus extract, wheat germ oil, olive oil.
Storage time: indicated on the label.
Do not use if allergic to honey!

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